Pumps and motors

  1. AC Induction Motors

    In a single year, a fully loaded motor operating continuously can consume energy worth about 10 times its initial cost. That's why even small improvements in efficiency can pay back quickly. Learn how to choose an energy-efficient motor and successfully integrate it into your drivepower system.

  2. Irrigation Pumps

    Facilities with heavy water needs—such as farms, golf courses, and commercial green spaces—spend a large portion of their energy usage on irrigation, particularly for operating the water pumps. Find out what the options are for maintaining existing pumps, and how to choose efficient new models.

  3. Variable-Frequency Drives

    In the right applications, variable-frequency drives can increase energy efficiency in motor systems by over 50 percent while improving power factor and process precision. Find out which systems offer the largest savings, and find out how to make the best choice.

  4. Voltage Controllers

    If your facility employs alternating-current induction motors that require constant speed but operate for long periods at low load, you may be able to save energy by installing a device known as a voltage controller. This article explains the various options and how to make the best choice.